Sunday, 11 November 2012

12 Tips To Stay Motivated For Home Workouts

Home workouts

I have friends who have some Fitness equipment at home. The reason they fetched one was that they found it difficult to attend gym.
They thought having an equipment will give them freedom to work out at home anytime they wished. But it hadn't happened that way. They all were very regular when they first bought it.

In next few months, the frequency of workouts decreased and today that fitness equipment is lying ideal catching dust.

This is true for almost all people who decided to work out at home. In my earlier post, I advocated setting up home gym working out at home. But if this is what happens to most people, then what is the way out?

Actually the lack of equipment or time is not the real reason for not working out. In fact these are pure excuses. Motivation is the thing people lack when it comes to sticking to one's workout regime.

So what is it that we can do to continue working out at home. I, myself faced same problem when I started working out. I experimented with a few things and finally succeeded. And I am sure, if it can work for a lazy bum like me, it can do wonders for anybody else.

  1. Set a goal for better health. This shall tell you what to do when you feel lazy.

  2. Start reading some books on health and fitness so that you acquire some knowledge.

  3. Get a subscription to any health magazine of your choice. This will keep you updated about any new development in fitness and nutrition. The other benefit that you are likely to receive is that magazine will keep you motivated to go on.

  4. Read some health and fitness blogs. But be very careful while choosing it because most blogs today have become advertising houses and they promote anything that fetches them money

  5. Make a collection of your favorite music and play it only when you work out. When you don't want to workout, just put this music on.

  6. Get a work out costume of your choice and wear it only for work out. when you don't want to workout just convince yourself to just put this costume on.

  7. Choose the place for workouts where people can know that you are working out. Trust me you will go extra mile if you observe that some one is watching you.

  8. Get some DVDs of work outs and watch them when you don't feel like working out.

  9. Get your spouse involved with you. Develop a healthy competition between you two. Your chances of sticking to the regime increase if  you have some one competing with you.

  10. Find out what kind of things like photos, music or anything else that motivates you to work out.

  11. Always talk to other people about your workouts. Example, "You know what happened the other day when I was working out" or "I got a phone call when I was working out." and so on.

  12. And if everything else fails, try this. Stand in front of the full size mirror. Look at your mid section. Do you like what you see and would like to stay this way? If you don't, then just remember the next statement, "You are growing older every day, you won't have the same vigor you had yesterday. It will be more difficult to do it tomorrow than in is today."  

All of the above said tactics can definitely keep you on the path that you have chosen for yourself. The other thing to remember is not to be in hurry to get in shape. Go slow, give yourself enough time. Consistency is what matters in the end.

So guys, get healthy coz its your right!