Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why Fitness Resolutions don't work

You probably know many people who took a weight loss resolution. They get on the band wagon of strict dieting, strenuous work out schedules, sauna baths and what not. These people literally kill them selves in order to loose weight.

The cumulative list of restriction can be summarized as fallows:

  1. I will get up at 5 in the morning and go for walk/jog, work out at home/gym or do yoga etc.

  2. I will stop eating sweets.

  3. No to oily food and other fats.(30% of body composition is fat. Can you imagine body without fats?)

  4. I will go on 'No Carb' Diet

  5. I will stop drinking.

  6. I will eat only raw fruits and veggies.

  7. I will use sugar free sweeteners.(anything for Bips)

  8. I will not eat at parties.(Why go to parties at all?)

What goes Wrong?

  1. First, your body is accustomed to a set of lifestyle, so when you make some changes it challenges your body. It is in human psyche to resist any change that comes its way. It becomes painful to sustain that change because you push yourself out of comfort zone. You don't enjoy working out, rather you start looking for an excuse to skip it. Most people take fitness as a program which has a beginning and an end. At the back of their mind they are clear that at the end when their goal is achieved they get back to their previous ways of comfortable lifestyle.

  2. Second, due to lack of awareness , most people deprive themselves of the goodies like delicious food. This deprivation further creates more pain for then and it becomes increasingly difficult for then to continue with their resolution. And once they loose out on one resolution, it becomes harder to take up another one.

The Solution

Next time you think of taking up any fitness resolution just ask yourself , "Is it something that I am going to continue for life?" . If answer to this question is no then you better don't take up this resolution

The Secret to Great Health

1. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY MORE RULES:- Any way life is full of things that are not very pleasant. Don't make it miserable by making any more rules. Better adapt some small but effective changes in your lifestyle that you can continue for life.

2. DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF ANYTHING:- All good things are made for us. No food is bad. What matters is how we choose to use it and in what quantity.

Let us have life full of pleasures. And have healthy bodies to enhance that pleasure. Don't punish your body, help it realize its true potential.