Saturday, 28 June 2014

Killer In Your Home: Mosquito Repellents

You come home in the evening and immediately switch on the mosquito repellent. You think, now mosquitoes will get out and you can enjoy good nights sleep. Many other people use mosquito coils to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Most people believe, they are protected from viral infections such as malaria and dengue and rightly so. But at what cost?

You might say, "It just costs Rs.65-70 for 30 nights!"  Absolutely. But how many of us can think of the health cost involved?

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There are several chemicals used in manufacttring mosquito repellents:

  • BCME (bis[cloromethyl]ether)

  • Octachlorodipropyl ether (s-2)

  • Sumithrin

  • Prallethrin
There are many more which are not even disclosed by the manufacturers. All these chemicals are nothing but poisons. All of these chemicals compounds are known to trigger Respiratory Diseases including Lung cancer. Certain studies have proven that an exposure of 8-10 years to the fumes generated by mosquito repellents is good enough reason to trigger several types of cancerous growths in the human body.

Moreover, in order to protect our families from mosquitoes, we tend to close the door and windows which in turn affects the oxygen levels in the ambient air of the room. It has been now proven beyond a reasonable doubt that lack of adequate oxygen supply at cellular level is number one reason for developing all kind of cancers.

We people (media included) always blame cigarette smoking but are unbeknownst to the ill effects of fumes emanating from mosquito repellents. Actually speaking, cigarette smoke is much safer than the chemicals in repellents.

Many manufacturers claim that they follow strict guidelines prescribed for the use of these chemicals and pesticides. But can you trust their words in a corruption infested country like India. A fat bribe is all it will take for them to circumvent the law.

We must understand one thing. No matter how much natural it is claimed to be, all mosquito repellents are nothing but toxins. So instead of blindly believing the TV commercials, let's take the natural route which will not only be effective but also be the better and healthy alternative

So What is the Way Out?

  • Mosquito netting the doors and windows
  • Removing dark colored objects and clothing from the sleeping room as they attract & protect mosquitoes
  • Use of mosquito nets while sleeping
  • Use of Mosquito repelling plants like cintronella, horsemint & marigolds
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I know and realize that it is not easy to change the way we live. But the healthy living is not only about making healthy choices. It is also about avoiding the unhealthy ones.

So Get healthy guys, 'coz its your right!

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