Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Destiny Calling

People often complain about the number of failures they have faced. And after couple of episodes , they give up on their dreams. What they fail to realize is that life has a different mechanism of delivering goods.

Let’s take an example of Mr. Soichino Honda, founder of Honda Corporation. When he began , he was desperately trying to sell some piston rings (which are used in car engines) with little success. He had put in a lot of efforts and money into its development. It was time of World War II and economy of Japan was all time low.Mr. Honda was short of finances, so much so that it became difficult for him to pay for the fuel for his car. So he developed a small engine that would consume much less fuel and fitted that to his bicycle. This invention helped him save substantially on his fuel bills.

Few of his neighbors and friends, who were facing similar problems, asked him if he could manufacture such Motor-Cycles for them as well. This is how the idea picked up and rest, as they say, is history.
From this story , we can clearly identify attributes of Mr. Honda. First and foremost he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Second, he was willing to persevere. And third, he was quick to respond and adopt when an opportunity (to be an entrepreneur) came in disguised. Though he began with piston rings, but tasted success by developing motor-cycles.

This is how life responds to your quests for ultimate success. If anybody, in a pursuit of his/her dreams, is working hard and if it is not something which can bring them success then life will lead them to something where these individuals are successful. In life, if something similar has happened to you, then don’t loose heart. Look for opportunities around you. May be life wants you to look at something else.

If you want to achieve something in life then just decide what you want. Don’t concentrate on how part. Go as per your instincts. Even if you fail, you will be led to where your true potential and success is waiting for you. So keep on keeping on.

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  1. Hi,it's truly described about how an entrepreneur has its own course of action with natural flow of opportunities,so keep patient keep trying,surely will get success.