Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What Matters, Conviction or Resources?

We often see individuals often evade the responsibility of their own actions. They blame every thing around them for their failures. Most commonly incarcerated thing is lack of resources. But do resources really matter? I am not underestimating the importance of resources, but there are people around us who lacked very basic amenities and analyzing their circumstances one can easily point out that they had a very slim chance of making their dreams come true.
I personally know a person who had absolutely no resources at his disposal but had a dream, dream of becoming a doctor. Let's call him AK. He was born in a small and very backward village in Central India. His father was teacher and also owned some land and some cattle. AK's father was in the transferable job so his wife (AK's mother) looked after the farming activities. AK helped his mother by taking care of the cattle. He used to take them for grazing after his morning school. He always carried his books along. While the animals grazed, he was always spotted engrossed in his studies.
After he passed his SSC, with the help of his maternal grand father, he shifted to nearby city. Besides his usual studies, he also prepared for his forthcoming Medical School Entrance Exam (Pre-Medical Test-PMT, As it is known in India). Since he was good at science, he also tutored other students and financed a major percentage of his expenses.
Finally, he appeared for PMT and was select for the best Medical College in the region. To everyone's surprise, his father completely denied any financial support to him. As a result, AK could not pay the fees in time and he was removed from the merit list. Imagine the kind of pain he must have undergone.
But AK was a real fighter. He took admission in the Bachelor of Science. During next three years, besides studies, he spent good part of his time tutoring other students. He saved every single penny he earned through tuition. AK appeared for the PMT again and this time paid fess from his own savings. During his MBBS, he worked very hard and financed his studies. Whatever help he received from his family was anyway not enough.
After MBBS, AK opted for Radiology as his specialization. Today he is a renowned Radiologist and is considered a wizard in CT Scan diagnosis. He has successfully established four Diagnostic Centers in Central India. Even today, he works with the same vigor and intensity and enjoys his work. Is it a good enough success for a poor boy from farming family, who grazed cattle in his childhood to support his family? You bet it is!
These are the people who against all odds, achieve what they decide for themselves. They don't cry about their problems, instead they find solutions to those problems. Lack of resources is never come in their way.
P.S. : Since I didn't have AK's permission to write his story, I have deliberately altered names, places and certain details.

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