Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Using the 108 Emergency Ambulance Service

108 Emergency Ambulance Service is finally launched in Maharashtra. Better late than never. This service is based on the concept of Golden Hour to save lives of the people. As per this concept, If the person gets necessary medical help within one hour of traumatic injury or any other type of medical emergency, then the survival rates of such individuals increase significantly. 

So in short the time is of essence-Time is life! Knowing 'what not to do' becomes more important that 'what to do'

Dial 108 only when someone needs medical help coz it is our tax money that is supporting this venture.

  • You have no idea where the nearest healthcare center is (If you know any nearest hospital, take the person there immediately. Don't waste time calling 108)

  • You do not have vehicle to shift the person/s needing medical help

  • You do not know the exact place where you are (They will not be able to locate you if you do not know where you are)

Must Do

If you are part the crowd, don't assume that 'somebody' must have called. There is a good chance everyone is thinking the same. You do your bit to save a precious life.

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