Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Love and Use

I heard someone say,
Love people and use things.
Most people seem to do the exact opposite, they love things and use people.
They have highest regard for their material acquisitions. But the world is sure filled with gems who really give highest importance to humans.
I was travelling with one of my relatives. He was driving is brand new Swift D'sire. It had hardly been six month since he purchased this car. It was a warm summer morning and we were going to a restaurant for a breakfast.
As we waited at a traffic signal for lights to turn green, an old Premere Padmini bumped into our car from behind. My uncle immediately jumped out of the car and rushed to the car that hit us. An elderly gentleman, who was probably in his sixties, came out of the car and in a very apologetic tone started speaking to my uncle.
About 15-20 people gathered around us within a minute of an accident. Uncle's car was badly damaged. The tail light was completely crushed and there appeared a huge dent on the hood which was beyond repair. My uncle had a brief look at the car and asked the elderly gentleman to follow him in the restaurant across the road.
We order a tea for three and uncle offered a glass of water to him. To everyone's surprise and contrary to everyone's expectations, my uncle was absolutely calm and seemed unmoved by the incident. After pause of about half a minute, my asked to the elderly gentleman, "Are you all right sir? Please do not worry, your wellbeing is much more important than that silly car."
I must admit uncle meant what he said. Throughout the day, I was there with him. But neither he cursed anybody nor did it reflected in his behavior. He really didn't care about the loss he suffered because of someone else's mistake.
My uncle is a very successful person and loves his profession. He is always happy about everything in his life. I often wondered in the past as to how he remained so happy and cheerful all the time? This incident answered it for me. He definitely "Loves people and Uses things!"

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