Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Identifying the Future leaders

One of the most crucial decisions to take while expanding a team is to "Who is the right person for more responsibility?" A lot has been said and professed about the leadership development within the team. I typically look for the people who exhibit the following traits:

  1. They think about the team: I have had opportunity lead the team of exceptionally talented people who are now heading their respective teams. This traits one of the most conspicuous one. They think about the total team not for themselves alone. They always put the objectives of the team ahead of their own.
  2. They usually come out with new/better ideas to handle any situation: When you take time out to think about the organisation, only then you get good ideas. This shows that you are thinking about the challenges of the group. That also shows how involved you are in what the team is trying to achieve.
  3. They give due credit to their team members: It is often observed that some people in the team take credit for the work done by the others. Potential leaders are never part of such crowd. They are the first people to give credit of good work to the people who deserve it. Besides this, they are also the people who take responsibility if some thing goes wrong.
  4. They are keen on learning and developing themselves: All potential leaders keep themselves busy learning new skills that may help them perform better. They also encourage such learning within their teams.
  5. When faced by a challenge, leaders shoulder the hardest part of the responsibility: Once we had to complete the sales targets and there were few clients who were like "hardest nuts to crack". One of my subordinates, who now leads that team, assumed the responsibility of roping these clients in. He worked very hard and ended up converting 3 of 5 clients as our customer. Because of his contribution, we emerged as top performing team in the whole region. 
  6. They cover your back:   All potential leaders and managers are dependable. They are always ready to help their team members and their superiors. As a matter of fact, managers love the subordinates who help them make their job easier. You can count on them so far as any particular assignment or task is concerned. And if they do not know anything, they will learn it as soon as possible.
This may not seem like an exhaustive list. I have observed these traits in few of the people I have had opportunity to lead. They are now leading their own respective teams and are few of the best managers I know. 

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