Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

In my previous post, What is Diabetes Mullitus, I have talked about type 2 diabetes. Now in this post I will be talking about few key things we can do to prevent the this lifestyle disorder.

People who have any family history of diabetes will be able to do their bit in preventing this disease.

We know that in Type 2 Diabetes:

  1. Body produces insulin
  2. Cells do not respond to insulin
  3. As a result glucose remains in the blood affecting other vital organs
So there are two things that must be done in order to stop this

Now the so called experts will accuse me of over simplifying the things here. But technically speaking, this is what doctors have been trying to do with the help of 'modern' medicines after one becomes diabetic. We have to do this to prevent diabetes and without help of any medicines. But I will tell you anyway
  • Maintain the receptivity of cells by starving them and increasing their requirements so that when an insulin knocks their doors, cells are already demanding glucose
  • Regulate or control control the amount of glucose released into the blood stream

So how do we maintain the receptivity of the cells

Weight training:

When we lift weights, our muscles' requirements for glucose increases. Plus the glycogen storing capacity of the bigger muscles is much higher than the normal sized muscles. So if you bulk up by 5-6 pounds, you will have more cells that need more glucose and level in blood stream will be regulated automatically.

Controlling what we eat:

  • Eating low GI foods
  • Eating more fruits
  • Eating smaller portions at regular intervals
  • Not eating more than two high GI foods at the same time
This way you do not let your blood glucose level to surge in the first place. You may feel hungry more often. But its way better than eating too much, feeling dizzy and having diabetes.

So get healthy guys, coz its your right!

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