Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Emotional Intelligence & Gratification

We are always in a catch 22 situation when it comes to rating EQ and IQ. People often find themselves confused over the importance of
one over the other. The whole world has been advocating having higher IQ. We literally bow to the people with higher IQs. Number of experts and equal number of tests available today have confirmed the supremacy of higher IQs.
I, like many, had similar view points about the importance of IQ to achieve success in life. The world around us has bolstered our belief by exhibiting how people with higher IQs secured admissions to best of the schools in the world and how they are much ahead in life than most of us and how they enjoying the (material) fruits of life.
The generation Y or Z believes in instant gratification. It is unfortunate how we are bombarded with the idea of instant gratification. Nothing wrong in fulfilling our material needs, but if it is the only thing we are worried about, then it becomes a problem. Such people are extremely content when they buy a something new. They derive sense of fulfilment through these material acquisitions. These feelings, however, are short lived. After a few days, or in some cases, few months, people start looking for ways to fulfil their emotional needs by making some more purchase.
Such a behaviour is reinforced by electronic as well as the print media. If you watch any commercial or look at any billboard, they seem to convey only one message- "Buy our product and you will feel better". Be it cloths, vehicles, gadgets, cosmetics, etc. Advertisers are expert at associating their merchandise with the emotions of the people. And if we listen to them in totality, we will spend our lives buying or trying to buy the 'good stuff', and not doing what is the true purpose of life-"Living".

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