Tuesday, 29 September 2015

365 Hours To Better Life

During my management education, I was introduced to the concept of KAIZEN. It is a Japanese word that simply means "Continuous Improvement". This concept was widely used in Japan to drastically improve the quality of production. Using this principle of continuous improvement, Japan leapfrogged to become a 2nd biggest economy in the world.
In essence, this concept teaches us to strive to make improvement in whatever that we do. As per this philosophy, we should continue to look for ways to make some qualitative improvements in every process that we undertake. Looking closely, we can see that KAIZEN can be applied to virtually anything. Any activity, whether commercial or non-commercial, can be improved using this concept.
Anyone can dramatically improve any aspect of his/her life by using this principle. Be it health, job, income, business, relationship,  anything. And all one needs to do is to put in "365 Hours" next one year putting 1 hour each day.
Just adopt the 3 step process elaborated below and you will start seeing results in less than a month.
1. Identify a Critical Area that needs attention
Find out what is the area in life that needs to be improved immediately. A few years back, my area of concern was my health. I was approaching 30 and my waist was approaching 40 inches. Just look for the area you are not happy about.
2. Resolve to Change the present Condition: 
This probably the most important step in the process. It does not require any action to be taken. However, this is where most people falter. This stage requires to make a decision. To make it simpler, just promise to oneself that -"I will not do everything, but I will do something everyday for rest of the year".
3. Devote 1 Hour everyday for next One Year: 
When I was worried about my health, I decided to know everything there is to know about the health & fitness. And I constantly applied what I learned. Books were my major source of knowledge. Apart from books, I researched on internet, followed numerous blogs and read number articles that were written about health & fitness. This knowledge gave me the much needed confidence & I started to put my knowledge to work. I made the necessary changes in my lifestyle & in less than a year, I was a healthy man.

It sounds simple but the results are huge, even better than we can imagine. One might doubt and ask "What if it doesn't produce the results I want?" I would answer that by another question- "What if it does?"

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