Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Water For Weight Loss? Simply Effortless

Drink more water to loose weight

Water by far is the most neglected (it is easy to miss the obvious) ingredient in the process of fat metabolism and subsequent weight loss.

Most people are taken aback when they hear me say that increasing water intake will help them lose weight and become lean. It is not surprising. There is a huge hype created around us about health and fitness. Experts often make it complicated for others so that they can make living out of the lack of knowledge thereof. To make the matters worse, markets are inundated with magic weight loss potions, electric gadgets, sophisticated fitness equipment,  special therapies that promise quick results, etc. So, "drinking water for weight loss" Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Now let's see how water promotes weight loss in human body

  1. Water is a major ingredient in body fluids. 70% of blood is water. If your body is water starved then it affects the quality and subsequently, its efficiency as a carrier of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, oxygen, glucose, etc. This hampers overall functions of the body. If you start drinking enough water then the obvious and most immediate effect you will notice is your elevated energy levels. Now your body receives everything that it needs for proper functioning.

  2. Water flushes out toxins generated in your body and gives you clear looking skin and glowing complexion.

  3. Drinking enough water will keep your muscles well hydrated, increasing their efficiency and performance. You will observe a noticeable increase in your stamina. you will be able to lift more weight and that to for longer duration. Post workout recovery will speed up.

  4. One of the functions of liver is to metabolize stored fat to fulfill energy needs of the body. Liver also assists other organs like kidneys in proper functioning. If there is not enough water in the system, kidneys get overloaded. Liver helps kidneys handle this burden but in the process compromises on the fat metabolism. As a result our metabolic rate slows down and we start feeling exhausted. So by drinking enough we can help liver metabolize more fats making ourselves lean and fit.

  5. Thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger by most people. So instead of drinking enough water they end up loading excessive (and unnecessary) calories. Food so eaten further demands water for digestion and puts extra strain on already water starved system. Drinking enough water helps you avoid these (false) hunger pangs and control your calorie intake.

Drinking Enough Water For Weight Loss

  • Ideally we should be drinking 200 ml per hour of normal activity. And for strenuous activities like jogging, running, weight lifting resistance training, aerobics, rock climbing, cycling, etc. we should drink about 1 liter water per hour.

  • First thing you should do after you get out of bed is to drink 350-400 ml (around two glassfuls) of water. This not only accelerates bowel movement, but also elevates your metabolism by 10-12%.

  • Drink about 100-150 ml (half a glass) water 10-15 minutes prior to having meals. Drinking too much water during and immediately after meals should be avoided at all costs. This dilutes the digestive juices and interferes with digestion. However, taking a sip after every 7-8 bites helps speed up the process.

The Drawback (Temporary)

When you adopt this suggestion, you will have to visit the washroom more often. And if you are busy like most people, then this may interfere with your work and affect your performance. But you don't have to worry about it much.At most, it will take 8 to 10 days for body to get accustomed to it. Initially when water intake is less than required, body develops mechanism to survive on lesser water. In first few days whatever extra you ingest will be excreted by urination. Eventually, when body realizes that there is no shortage of water then it abandons that mechanism and starts consuming more of it. in a week or so number of visits to the loo will drop to normal and benefits will begin to show.