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Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B sup...
Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B supplement show above, are typically sold in pill form. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What Humans need?

Human body needs around 40-45 substances and chemicals for proper functioning of all organs and streamline all the body processes necessary for optimum health.

These elements can be roughly classified as follows:

1. Fats

2. Proteins

3. Carbohydrates

4. Vitamins and Minerals.

The need for Synergy

All of these substances work in sync with each other and all the processes of the body like energy generation, cell generation, repairs, wound healing, etc, are streamlined. If any of the above said ingredient is missing from diet then effectiveness of the other is compromised.

For example, Vitamin B9 and B12 work better in the presence of each other. If one of then is missing then it has adverse effect on the potency of the other. Hence it is imperative that our bodies are supplied with adequate amounts of Vitamins and Minerals.

The Human History & Evolution

The human existence is at least 50,000 years old. Our forefathers have withstood numerous turmoils and turbulence. We can't even imagine the kind of unpredictability involved in their lives. To overcome such uncertainties and survive in the ever challenging world, their bodies developed few survival mechanisms. Metabolic process is one of them.

Human Metabolic mechanism is designed to control and streamline consumption of available resources inside the body. If any substance is missing from the diet then body considers it as a period of scarcity. As a result, metabolic rate slows down as the major emphasis is on conservation.

So we can easily find people who don't eat much but they are over weight. Everyone in India knows somebody who never used any tobacco product but died of cancer. 'How & why' such questions are never answered.

In essence, we grow oblivious to the nutritional requirements of the body. Especially in India, hardly any attention is paid to the quality of food. The emphasis is always on the Quantity. Some or other ingredient is usually missing from their diet. And over the period of time it creates non reversible health conditions like diabetes.

The Way Out

Everyone must go for the tests to find out the Vitamin/Mineral deficiency. Once you get the idea about your deficiency, the next step is to choose vitamin supplements that will help you fulfill your need for those vitamins/minerals.

You  must also look for the activities that increase retention/production of the some vital nutrients in your body. For Example, doing the resistance training strengthens the bones & helps retaining calcium in the body.

One must also look at avoiding food/beverages and activities that hampers the nutrition absorption in the digestive system.

So live healthy, it's your right! 

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