Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to prevent antibiotic resistance?

Well I have a bad news, some more bad news and consolatory good news. The bad news is, "We can not prevent ourselves from developing an antibiotic resistance". Another bad news is, not only antibiotics but any drug for that matter, will become ineffective in long run as our bodies grow resistant to them. You can't help it. This is how our bodies are designed.

Just as humans adapt changing circumstances, bodies adapt to anything they are exposed to.

But there is some good news. By making right choices about how we use antibiotics, we can delay/minimize the progression of the resistance. You may inculcate few of the following habits to not live live healthy but also prevent antibiotic resistance.

Practical ways to prevent antibiotic resistance

  1. Never use antibiotics to treat common cold and flu. As these illnesses are caused by virus, antibiotics any ways do not have any effect on them.

  2. Take antibiotics when absolutely necessary. If you can avoid taking it, do avoid it.

  3. Take antibiotics as per the doses prescribed by the registered medical practitioner only. In India, BAMS (Ayurvedic Physician) and BHMS (Homeopathic Physician) are allowed to prescribe allopathic medicines but very few know the exact doses and duration of the dose.

  4. Complete the course of antibiotics even if you start feeling better. By discontinuing the medication, you give bacteria a chance to multiply and grow stronger.

  5. Do not think that antibiotics are the wonder drugs. They are used to treat only a specific types of infections only. And just like any other thing in the world, Antibiotics have their limitations.

  6. Use alternate medicines such as Ayurved and Homeopathy. These two therapies have much less side effects as compared to allopathy mejdicines. These medicines also complement the natural defense mechanism of the human body by improving the immunity as well. In case of cold and flue Ayurved and Homeopathy are very effective.

  7. Improve the immune system by nourishing you body with right nutrients and making the right food choices. Read: Foods that improve the immunity.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be able to not only prevent antibiotic resistance but also help human race. As antibiotic resistance is becoming a global epidemic if one person shows way, others can follow

So Get Healthy guys! coz it's your right!