Tuesday, 24 June 2014

9 Unhealthy Habits That Will Take Us To Grave Faster

We all want to live well. We want to have better house, better car, better professional life, better health , better bank balance, better everything. What if we get all that but don't have life left to live & enjoy it. This is precisely what happens with continue with the pursuit of happiness and life flies past us. The following unhealthy habits will take you to grave much earlier than you anticipate.

  1. Erratic eating habit: Eating foods which are loaded with salts, sugar & fats. Choosing foods which are not nutritious

  2. Not enough water: Average person needs to drink about 2 liters of water every day. But most people never touch that mark. If you research well about your own water intake, it would not cross 1.5 liters/day

  3. Smoking & Drinking: Smoking is proven to kill us early. But indiscriminate drinking is equally injurious to health. It not only affects liver, but also digestive system, nervous system, brain, Kidneys and heart.

  4. Taking doctor's advice way to lightly: Most people discontinue using medicines prescribed by the doctor. They stop following their advice and make themselves vulnerable.

  5. No Prevention only Treatment: Not taking preventive route. Relying on your doctors to make you healthy. Doctors are trained to identify the disease and treat it. Not to prevent any condition.

  6. Self Medication: This is the most widely practiced unhealthy habit. Indiscriminately popping a pill whenever one gets ill. Such acts weakens the immune system of the body making one more vulnerable the diseases. The concept Antibiotics resistance is  rising rapidly and will grow to epidemic proportions in years to come. Thanks to "self medication".

  7. Sedentary lifestyle: Giving highest priority to physical comfort actually wears down the immune system and other vital mechanisms of the body. You may observe such people fall ill often and are suffering some lifestyle disease like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

  8. No exercise: Not being physically active is the biggest problem of today's generation. As much as 50% illnesses can be prevented if we just decide to be active.

  9. Inaction: And most importantly, not doing anything even after reading 8 points mentioned above.

So what are you thinking? Get Healthy, Coz it's your right