Tuesday, 24 June 2014

8 Ways to Reduce your Health care Bills

There are several things you can do to keep your health care bills in control.

1. Increase your understanding about a particular disease

Learning about the particular disease & making some life style changes is 'the' most important thing one can do in order to control the health care costs.

If you know that you have a family history of some health condition, understanding the disease in totality will help you take precautionary measures.

2. Learn about the Dietary habits that can prevent the disease

Normally all the health conditions have some Good/bad foods associated with them. Find which foods may be good for you and start including them in your diet. Similarly, the bad ones must be reduced/eliminated altogether.

For example, both my mom and dad have high Blood Pressure and take a pill. So the obvious lifestyle modification for was to reduce & control the salt intake.

3. Get a family doctor:

Avoid going to a Super Specialist doctor all by yourself, you may not need him. I get a lot of phone calls by the parents who are looking for Pediatric Surgeon and they are looking to do is to Circumcise their 5 year old kid. now circumcision is a fairly simple process & many MBBS doctors at clinic level can perform it with a local anesthesia. You don't need a pediatric surgeon. If you get one, it will cost you many times over

4. Keep a tab on your health parameters:

Get a preventive check up done once a year if you are 30+ & every 6 months if you are 40+. When you get the reports, do compare the findings with the previous reports. This way, you will know which areas you are improving & which ones need attention. Make lifestyle changes immediately in order to improve that aspect of your health. I believe, this is how it is done in business.

5. Avoid self medication:

You are never sure of the amount of doses, frequency of medication & longevity of medication. This way end up compromising the immunity of the system. You will also jeopardize your health by creating a drug resistance in your body

6. Get health insurance:

As the cost of healthcare is increasing, we need to amortize ourselves . Keep 2% of net income to buy a health insurance for your family. The sooner you start, the better disease coverage you get

7. Get exercising:

Devote at least 10 minutes each morning for some type of work out. be sure to incorporate Cardio, resistance training & Yoga/Streching into your regime.

I, for that matter, do weights on Sunday & Wednesdays; Cardio on Mondays & Fridays; & Yoga on Tuesdays & Thursdays. When I began, I started with 10 only. Now, it is about 20-25 minutes every day & I am healthier than ever before. More importantly, it brings other benefits as well

8. Eat right:

Make sure you eat adequate protein, fibre & right nutrients to feed your body. Control the intake of excess Carbohydrates. Indian diet is loaded with carbohydrates, and this one of the reason why India is becoming a diabetic capital

As of now, these are the 8 things you can do. As and when I find more, I will update this list. Till then..

Get Healthy guys, coz it's your right