Tuesday, 24 June 2014

6 harmful effects of carbonated drinks

Harmful effects of Carbonated drinks

Apart from adding unnecessary calories, carbonated drinks harm human bodies in more ways than one.

  1. It has caffeine that is  associated with sleep disturbances and anxiety.

  2. Most soft drinks contain high concentration of simple sugars and others like glucose, sucrose fructose,etc. these substances activate oral bacteria and produce acid, which dissolves tooth enamel thus increasing the incidence of tooth decay.

  3. Carbon Di-oxide contained in these drinks is also associated with erosion of tooth enamel.

  4. Drinking cola to quench thirst in fact has a reverse effect. It actually causes dehydration making you more thirsty.

  5. 4-MEI, a carcinogenic chemical which is found in almost all carbonated drink. Companies say- it is within the permissible limits. My question is "Can poison becomes harmless if taken within the permissible limits?"

  6. Carbonated drinks are also linked to the Esophageal Cancer in the countries like US, UK & Australia where the consumption has increase five fold in last few decades.

No matter what companies claim, but what they think about most is "profit".

Can humans live without Colas?

Yes! It is not a necessity. Through advertising, companies have been able make it a part of consumer's life. In India, a cola company airs a commercial where a family enjoys carbonated drink. They are targeting our kids. When kids watch such commercials, they will see it as a norm. And when they grow up & acquire buying power, they will consume such drinks regularly (in US, significant percentage of people drink sodas more often than they do water.)

So what is the way out? Eliminating the consumption altogether is the only way. This is the only way to protect our next generation.

And how about opting for much healthier & natural alternatives like lemon juice, coconut water and buttermilk?

Let's not get carried away what companies say.

The bottom line is- We can live well without artificially sweetened carbonated drinks.