Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lose Weight without working out

Seriously? losing weight with out exercise? you got to be kidding. But it is possible. Here is how.

No matter what you do, wherever you go, if you have to drop those pounds visible at your waistline, it narrows down to one thing and one thing only
You will have to Increase your Activity Level
For the intensive weight loss that you are planning for yourself, it is imperative that you accelerate your metabolism. Before you go on to joining gym or buy an expensive equipment to work out at home, you need to develop that mindset to be able to get your self to take any action. for the nest 3-4 months purely concentrate on increasing your overall activity level. I am not talking about the work out part here. I am precisely talking about the activities other than exercise that you do throughout the day.

Be it at home or at office, your lifestyle offers you number of opportunities to enhance your physical activities. It is not the availability of an equipment or gym membership that matters in achieving that dream physique. If your are not exhaustively using resources available to you, what is the guaranty that you will use the newly acquired ones. I always say"Equipment doesn't guaranty fitness" Let's see the resources already available to you:
  1. After you wake up in the morning, try doing some bed side exercise for about 2-3 minutes like push ups, skipping, squats, spot jogging, etc. This will elevate your metabolism by almost 10%
  2. The best equipment that is part of all houses and apartments is staircase. Make as many trips up/down stairs as possible.
  3. Walk to the nearest store for groceries. If distance is more and you are short on time then taking a bicycle ride can very well serve the purpose.
  4. While in store, instead of taking a trolley take a basket to carry goods. Keep alternating between hands to give them equal work out.
  5. While giving something a serious thought, walk or stroll instead of sitting on a couch.
  6. When talking over the phone, walk as much as you can.
  7. If you have to discuss something important with your spouse, friend, relative or colleague then suggest taking a walk around the neighborhood.
  8. Make maximum use of stairs at your office or apartment.In the beginning it will be difficult for you to give up using lifts and use stairs. So begin with going down couple of floors down. Gradually add one floor each week. Don't rush. Same applies to going upstairs.
  9. If you have to wait for someone, walk instead of sitting.
  10. If you are traveling by bus then offer your seat to senior citizen. Standing in running bus will involve more muscles to keep you stable.
  11. Playing with kids at home is a good stress buster and a great exercise. there is so much fun involved in this activity that you will hardly feel exhausted. And the more you play with them the more they will demand. So there will not be any problem of motivation.
  12. Walking on treadmill or spinning a stationary bike while watching your favorite program on T.V. will save a lot of time and will make exercising fun.
  13. If you have pet at your home then taking it for a walk in the morning and evening will make a good work out.
  14. When standing or walking try to maintain an erect posture. Pull shoulders back, keep your spine strait and pull the stomach in. this will involve more muscles and rise in your confidence level is another benefit that you will receive.
As you must have noticed, almost all the things suggested are about walking,. So it is imperative that you wear good, comfortable pair of shoes. Specially girls will have to work harder in this department, a footwear with heel is complete no-no. Another thing I would mention here is that don't rush to increase your activities. These tips may sound simple but they are very effective. In the matter of 2 short months you will end up dropping about 2-3 kgs. And this is what I call An Effortless Weight Loss.