Sunday, 11 November 2012

6 Ways To Use Alcohol Intelligently

6 ways for healthy drinkingIf you are looking to loose some weight then the ground rule is " Don't drink if you are trying to lose weight". As far calorific value is concerned a gram of alcohol contains about 7 calories (pretty close to fats which packs 9). Secondly, when you consume alcohol and subsequently food, your body will first digest alcohol and everything else will be stored as fats. 
Another problem is you tend to eat more after alcohol since you will forget when to stop eating.
So if you are a fitness enthusiast and want to get rid of the flab around your waist then you do not have any choice but to give up alcohol. Now, many people enjoy a drink or two after a day's work. Even I am fond of various wines, whiskeys and beers. But it is a big hindrance in a quest for fitness.
Now we can not totally eliminate this phenomenon from our lives but we can surely control it it and manipulate it for our benefit. Many incarcerate alcohol in our society. But can it be a part of normal, healthy life? The answer to this question is "yes". All you have to do is to follow the following guidelines:
  1. Go Slow: Don't be in a hurry to gulp down your drink. It takes about 20-25 minutes for your body to metabolize alcohol ( or to get kick). Sipping your drink slowly will get you high with lesser number of drinks.
  2. Keep Changing What You Drink: The idea is to change either type of or at least the brand of alcohol in the next occasion of drinking. Consuming same type/brand of liquor will develop tolerance to it and will gradually start drinking more to get same feeling you used to get on smaller doses.
  3. Limit the Frequency: Go for Once or at most Twice a week drinking. If you have friends/associates who go more than that then you are better off staying away from them.
  4. Add More Water: Diluting your drink with water will minimize the bitterness and make you feel full. So your speed of drinking will automatically slow down with each subsequent drink. And if you drink beer, wait for some time for carbonation to disperse.
  5. No Fried Snack: Say no to fried snack while drinking. Fatty food items create a layer of fats in your digestive system that slows down absorption of alcohol. This, in turn, will require more drinks to get the kick.
  6. Eat and Then Drink: Never go drinking absolutely empty stomached. Eating some light snack beforehand will help you drink less. The other side kick is that you won't overeat during the post drink meal.