Monday, 12 November 2012

3 Ways to Prevent Skin Infections in Summer

It's a summer time, TV channels are flooded with commercials of AC, sunscreens, talc, deos and yes, the Itch Creams.
Let's talk about the recurrent skin infections people suffer due to high levels of humidity. Itch creams give immediate relief from itch. But we also know that it is a temporary solution. Another thing is that using such creams makes us increasingly dependent on medicines which, in my opinion is not a good bargain. Creams treat only effect and not the cause.
A few years back, when I suffered recurrent infections, my physician friend suggested certain easy to adopt, practically free and absolutely natural steps to completely stop recurrence of infections.
1. Before taking bath do a dry massage of your body. Give special emphasis on underarms, inner thighs and toes. These are the sensitive spots that remain moist during summer. Rubbing them thoroughly will remove dead cells and improve blood circulation to the region.
2. Use good quality cotton inner wear and after washing dry them in sunlight. It will help kill germs that cause infections.
3. Remove socks and other tight clothing and put on something comfortable when at home.
Just follow these simple techniques and see the difference yourself!