Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sion Circle Taxi Drivers

I want to share this experience with all the people traveling to Mumbai via private buses. Unable to get reservation in train, my brother and I traveled through bus. We got down at Sion Circle. An elderly Sardarji approached us with a big smile on his face. He successfully persuaded us to hire his taxi up to Andheri. Throughout the way he was talking to us. He cracked jokes and kept us well entertained. We were surprised to see the bill amount. It was whooping Rs. 400/-. At that juncture, we did not have any choice but to pay.

Six months later, when I traveled to Mumbai again, I saw that same taxi driver trying to convince some gullible passengers. So in essence, I can say that these people are always on look out for some infrequent travelers who can be cheated easily. Look out for 2-3 taxi drivers (sardarjis) in their fifties.

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