Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sherbagh, Panchgani

This is one the most advertised theme parks in Panchgani. You will see a lot billboards insisting on your visit to this place.
We saw slogans like, "Floating Rock, Egg of Dinosaur", etc. The charges are about Rs. 100/- per head. It is established by a person named Mr Sher and the park is named after him. In reality following are the things I observed:
1.     It is just a garden that houses different types of plants.
2.     They have created artificial waterfalls, rocks and scenery that resemble that of a jungle. We always heard somebody switch on the water pump before we were about to reach a waterfall.
3.     It has a hopeless cafeteria that is unreasonably expensive (they won't allow any eatables either).
4.     You will have to cough up another 100 odd bucks if you wish to see "the floating rock or dinosaur egg".
5.     They will charge you for taking your camera in.
This is a big park spread across several acres. If you have about an hour or two to kill and several hundred rupees to spare, only then visit this place. There is nothing extraordinary that you cannot find in a well maintained municipal garden.

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