Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Easiest & Cheapest Treatment for Better Dental Care

The common Dental Problems and universally common solutions

  1. Bad Breath: Brush twice a day and use mouthwash
  2. Tooth decay: Brush twice a day
  3. Gum disease: Brush twice a day and use dental floss
  4. Tooth erosion: Brush twice a day, use mouthwash and use medicated toothpaste
  5. Tooth sensitivity: Use specially medicated (and expensive/heavily advertised) toothpaste which is trusted by dentists the world over
Wow! these are quite a few things we have got there to treat our dental problems. We also have more dentists who will help us use these products. The advanced medical technology is there to help us ward off these issues.

It is quite ironic that today we have more dental problems than ever. So what happens when we follow the advice given by the dentists? Do you get the better dental health? I don't think so.

  • When we brush twice a day, our toothpaste consumption doubles and our toothbrush wear downs early
  • When we use mouthwash and floss, the sales of these products increase.
And this what these companies care about. Nobody gives a damn if you & I do not have a good dental health. All they think about getting us to consume their products as much as they can and that's it!

My grandmother never used any of these. She never had any dental problems in her life. What she always did (Kulha) was to Rinse her mouth thoroughly (giving little heed to how others might react to the sound she may be making) after eating/drinking anything.
She taught me the same. I hardly had any problems either.

Then why such a simple and inexpensive thing is not publicized in public interest?
The answer is pretty simple, "If every one started rinsing their mouth, these companies and dentists will have to run for their money". They do not care if we get healthy. They only care about making themselves wealthy.

So just the simple advise my (and of course your) grand mother gave us. Do the traditional "Kulha" or as we call it 'Rinse your mouth thoroughly' after every meal and drink. 
We will be able prevent 70% of our dental problems. Imagine the amount of savings we will have in a life time.

So get simple and get healthy guys, coz its your right!

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